a new plan…

So, I am thinking that it would be fun to start blogging about stuff I know nothing about… what do you think?

Here is what I mean…

I need to have more awesome adventures if this is going to be an awesome year – so why not go on some crafty adventures and learn something new?  Why not search for answers to questions like how can you get glittery to still be glittery on something without getting glitter all over the place and have it fall off and leave a beautiful sparkly dusting everywhere I go?  or How do you make a stained glass window?  Stuff like that…

What do you think?  And, what do you want to know about?  Leave me some questions and I will start getting ready for adventure and see what I can find out. 

If this blog is truly about My Crafty Adventures, maybe it is time I start to have some…


a new plan… — 3 Comments

  1. Stained glass window would be cool – I have a window opening (a transom in a bathroom) that needs a stained glass window!

    I would love to learn to make some jewelry (or repair the bracelet I already have!

    How did the curling go?

  2. Let me think about that…I am SURE there are a few things I could learn about!

  3. very cool. I want to know about this Lutrdor (?) I’m hearing about. Also, in the Mixed Media world (I think of Bernie, Tim Holtz) what goes and what doesn’t? You know-like with paper it has to be acid free and lignen free. So what paints, etc should we use for mixed media-does it need to be acid free, is it acid free, etc.
    Oh, and alcohol inks-what’s up with those? Do I need to buy some or not? How do I use them and on what?

    there’s a start. 🙂

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