it is officially a standoff

between me and my scale. 

Neither of us will budge. 

I am at 188.8 and currently giving my scale the evil eye, convinced it is lying, as the skirt I am wearing today has never fit better… 

Stupid scale.


it is officially a standoff — 3 Comments

  1. I think all scales lie. It doesn’m matter who it belongs to. And I say if the skirt fits wear it and if anyone askes just say “why yes I have lost some weight, thank you for noticing.”

  2. Hang in there Stephanie!! Me and the scale have been having a love/hate relationship for the last few weeks. I have finally lost the 1.8 I gained three weeks ago this past week. I have decided to also take measurements to help with my weight loss so I don’t always get discouraged by the scale.

    KEEP IT UP!!!!!

  3. I know what you mean! I can’t get mine to drop below 153. But pants I haven’t been able to fit my thighs into for 6 months are fitting again. The joys of muscle weighing more than fat.

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