a snowman kinda day…

That’s what Sunday was.  The sun was shining.  It was actually nice out – 35 or so.  The wind was barely blowing and the kids could venture outside to play for more than 5 minutes without freezing to death!

So, we bundled them up and sent them out.  And they made their first snowman by themselves.  It was short and a little off shaped, but by golly they did it alone.  I felt so much pride as I watched them from the deck.  They even went over to our neighbor’s house and made them a little one, too.  Their grandkids live far enough away that they love it when the boys chat with them and do stuff like that.  Needless to say, it was a ton of fun to watch and take pictures of.

Last night I did some midweek crafting which I am trying to do more of.  (I am actually guest blogging on this topic and finding inspiration later this week at ella…  be sure to check it out!)  I created a similar layout to this one last week (again – at ella later this week) and liked it so much that I used the basis of it to create this one.  For me, going with really white paper and a minimalistic feel is hard.  It is much easier for me to put a bunch of buttons, mix several papers together, etc… than it is to go very simplistic.  And yet, when I do, I love the look.  I am just not as good at it as I could be.  (Maybe some more midweek crafting breaks will help – don’t you think!?!?!?)

Anyway…  Here is the layout…

(Paper is My Mind’s Eye, flowers from Prima, fluffy stuff is Heidi Grace, and bling is Colorbok and Making Memories.)

Happy National Craft Month!


a snowman kinda day… — 6 Comments

  1. Cute layouts Steph! I love the white with minimal patterned paper. It goes perfect with the snow scene. You shouldn’t judge yourself so hard! I think you did great!

  2. Lovely layout…such a fun day! The white works perfectly. Got those goodies today, thank you! Yummy black and white! Perfect.

    *Did my “a day” project today. Just need to get some photos at bedtime and I am good to get scrapping! Thanks for the motivation.

  3. You layout is fantastic! The blending of the flowers and snowflakes is wonderful and of course the subject of your photos are adorable!

  4. Very cute layout and i do agree that it is hard to do a simple page. And even if i do one i always regret it when i look back in my book, and talk myself out of changing it.

  5. Love the layout! Love MME, love midweek crafting too! I’m usually off on Wednesdays, and look forward to crafting in my jammies all day. 🙂

    We’ve been slammed at work, so many people needing assitance and only 2 of us to handle it all. Very overwhelming. All this to say I’ve been too busy too check out your blog this week, so I’m gonna try to catch up!

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