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how does your garden grow? 

Well… if you are like me – not so great.  That is why I am taking Master Gardener classes starting today.  (That, and for work…)  I am hoping that all the great stuff I will learn will help me in my own yard, as well as the community gardens I will be volunteering in.

I am actually a tad nervous about it…  last year I got about a total of 12 tomatoes (from 8 plants) and a handful of green beans.  The garden was in a terrible spot in our yard and I am just not good, at all, in knowing what needs what type of light, etc…  It is a true art form that requires patience and a lot of work, which is not my strong suit most of the time.  I do better with projects where I can mess up without something dying on me. 

So, in an effort to keep all of my learning together, I am going to make a pretty journal (aka scrapbook) of my gardening adventures – at least I know that will turn out ok! 

Once the snow melts and the ground thaws I will get to work…  wish my poor yard luck – it is gonna need it!!!!!


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  1. Steph, I kill everything I try to grow. Looking forward to learning from your learnings in class. Be sure to post all those great nuggets of info.
    My tomatoes last year were gorgeous and big, but they were HARD like baseballs! We couldn’t eat them. I’d like to know what that’s about.

    happy gardening.

  2. Last year was not a good garden season for many of us ! We had constant rain and then drought! Plus all the varmints. Keeping a journal of what works in your area will serve you well, as will watching how much sun you get and where.

  3. Can’t wait for the snow to melt! We live in an apartment with a decent size patio in the back (fenced in). I really hope to grow some yummy veggies this summer in large pots/planters. It will be so wonderful to look at! Best of luck to you and the yard!

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