back from the abyss called stomach flu…

Wow.  I would not wish what I had on anyone!  2 days of flu and finally today I am starting to feel like my energy is almost back to normal.  It wiped me out like nothing else.  I do not think I have been that sick in like 3 years. 

Anyway…  I owe a prize for posting music pics in the Memorable Mondays flikr group, my last two weeks of layouts, and a free class.  I have some catching up to do, that is for sure!

So, first and foremost a winner…

Suzuyuki wrote: “I have a CD a friend made called “Monday Morning Motivation”. The most “peppy” song on there is Perfect Day, by Hoku. Goofy song, but it reminds me that even a Monday can be a perfect day. Saw these flowers on the table from Valentine’s Day and that made my Monday just perfect!”

Congrats Suzuyuki!  Send me an email with your address and I will get your prize out this week!

Next bit of business…  here my last two Memorable Monday layouts…

Finally, and get ready for this one, the free class – 1440 minutes – will be launching on March 1, in conjunction with National Craft Month!!!  I have some great, and I mean GREAT!, prizes that I will be giving away with the class and to celebrate the month…  My Mind’s Eye, Fiskars, and so much more…  I hope you are ready!!!

Now…  how will you make this Monday a Memorable Monday?


back from the abyss called stomach flu… — 2 Comments

  1. Glad to hear you’ve survived the flu! Ugh. Icky stuff going around.
    Thanks again for the MME. 🙂 Made my week! Totally jealous you are learning to curl…I’d love to!


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