slacker of the year…

It is official – I cannot even get through the first month of the year without losing focus and getting off track!

I have emerged from the belly of the beast that is CHA and I am back from a quick weekend trip to northern MN for Delta Phi Scrappa…

Let’s just say 12 days away from home has knocked me off course in a number of ways…

1.  Memorable Mondays – how am I already behind on this – it is like week 4…

2.  Weight loss – seriously.  12 days of eating out.  Need I say more?

3.  Being crafty in general.  This weekend I got some stuff done that I cannot wait to share – just need to take photos. 

4.  Speaking of photos – have not done a camera card dump in like 4 weeks or more.

5.  Family game night…  hard to do from a distance – sorry boys!

So here is the real scoop – starting tonight, I will begin to edit photos, post, share, try to get back to inspiring, and blogging.  I am back on eating healthy and will weigh in tomorrow (gasp!).

Let’s just say that Feb. 1 is a new starting point for 2010.

Ok – let’s take a moment to stop and remember that 2010 – no matter how chaotic – will be awesome and let’s embrace the awesomeness amidst the chaos…

Now, back to work…  until later… 



slacker of the year… — 3 Comments

  1. don’t be too hard on yourself. Although you’ve been crazy busy, it’s been FUN mostly (I bet).

  2. LOL don’t you just love it when life takes over like that – well at least you will have lots of photos and stories to tell for scrapping.

  3. Life is fluid…don’t be so hard on yourself 🙂 sometimes your schedule does not belong to you and it’s out of your control. in case you forgot, you are a wickedly creative mind and you output a lot of good stuff!

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