i am feeling like a slacker…

I have not posted in days and I did not weigh in to share that with you either!

Let’s just say that the flash floods, major storms, and tricky weather are reeking havoc on our CHA set-up and my life!

So…  here is what I can tell you…

I ate like a horrible girl today – gnocchi and cannoli’s at dinner…  yummo!!!  (but not good for the wasteline)

I walked, and walked, and walked, and walked some more, however, so I think that makes up for the gnocchi!

Our booth is coming along and I am excited to present at the JoAnn’s booth from 12-4 tomorrow at the CHA supershow and also teach tomorrow night as well!

Should be fun!  S

Saturday I will finish setting my stuff in the trade show booth and then head out to the World’s Largest Crop attempt hosted by Scrapbook Royalty.  That should be a blast!

Anyway, I will try to share some pics tomorrow night – maybe even a sneak peek of our booth if I can…  shhhhhh….

Okay, off to bed!


i am feeling like a slacker… — 5 Comments

  1. oh a sneak peak would be great – I promise not to tell that we saw lol.
    I managed to lose 500g this week (which is 1 pound I think), not too bad when I think of what I ate over the last week. I think it is all the water that I have been drinking that made up for not eating as good as I could have.

    I hope CHA goes OK.

  2. I’m sure you’ll be getting enough exercise to work off the extra calories Steph.

    Just stay safe and be careful. I hope CHA goes well for everyone. Such horrid weather in that area. Thoughts and prayers for all !

  3. I can’t even imagine all that rain, etc and trying to get around in it and unloading all the stuff! I’m glad you made it safely. Last I heard (last night) Rebecca was stuck in AZ, Ang back at home and the Jo’s were in the air.

    I really hope y’all will have a great time and the rain/storms will let up.

    When walking in your rush, try to remember to tighten up your butt or your tummy muscles so you’re walking on purpose.

  4. Go Stephanie! You are fabulous…I can’t wait to see the Fiskars booth…hope you have an amazing show. Would love to see some pictures *wink*
    {Spark hug}

  5. Not a slacker – just really, really busy! Life happens!
    Hope you are having fun in the rain at CHA!

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