weighing in…

Two weeks ago I weighed in at 197.2.  This morning I was nervous to see if the calorie counting was working.  I have been using this great program – a free ap on my iPhone – called “Lose It!”  It is actually a really great ap and seems to be doing the job… 

Today’s magic number?


Not too shabby.  I just want to break that 190 barrier.  I feel as if it taunts me in my sleep and at the fridge. 

190 you are going down!

And, as added incentive, Matt told me that when I lose 10 lbs I can get the full subscription to Picnik instead of just the free one, which makes me smile even more…

I just love craft-based incentives!

Okay… now to get some work done!


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  1. I am going to fully admit I’m green jealous, so mad, and totally giving you the stink eye. I’ve been eating healthy, staying within my strict calorie limits for day, working out… and I’ve lost nothing in last 3 weeks. WHAT!?!?! I want to know how you lost so many lbs in 2 weeks. (sigh) My body is lucky to let go of 2-3lbs in a month…

  2. Way to go Steph! That is awesome 🙂 And craft based incentives are SUPER awesome.

  3. Great job on the weight loss. I too am on a diet but i dont seem to have the will power (which i should trying to loose weight for IVF and my wedding!!) Any tips you can offer?

  4. Way to go Stephanie!!! I just went back to WW this afternoon after not weighing in for over a month and I was up 1.2 but I will take it after everything that has gone on during that time. Keep it up!!!

  5. Excellent effort, well done – another reason I need to get an iphone – if only I could convince my Hubby…

  6. WOW..Steph, that is FANTASTIC ! Great job, so proud of you !

    Note to May… maybe you are being too strict with yourself ? Muscle weighs more than fat they say . You may need more calories with the workouts you are doing and don’t focus on numbers so much, not pound numbers anyway… how about inches ???

  7. Awesome STephanie!! I am with you girl on this fight to lose weight. I too started counting calories this year and walking 3 miles a day. I found this cool website called nutritiondata.com where you can type in your recipes and it will tell you how many calories each serving is. GREAT job and keep up the good work!!!

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