memorable monday – the first project

Here is look at what I created from last week’s photo.  It was the first week and I felt pressured to take the perfect photo to share with all of you.  What I remembered was that it wasn’t about “perfect” but about “memorable.”  Is this the best photo – no.  Does it tell my story – yes!

I have loaded these on our flikr site – feel free to join in and share your there as well!  The more the merrier!

In fact, load a project before next Monday, and who know, maybe I will have a set of limited edition squeeze punches from Fiskars for you…  *wink wink*

Happy Monday!


memorable monday – the first project — 4 Comments

  1. I know what you mean about bittersweet. You love those hugs, but yet, it’s time to be Mommy, responsible, after working all day. I love that you grasp every moment with them-it’s too soon and they’re all grown up and leaving us to go be the people we tried to raise them to be.
    Good layout!

  2. I just added my first layout to the flicr group (well I hope I did – its my first time).
    Thanks for the prompt, this is a good idea.

  3. Such cuties! Thanks for sharing your boys with us!

    Well, I managed to join flickr and upload a layout! I still haven’t managed to make a layout on only one photo though! LOL! I’m glad I figured out a way to deal with the read walls and red sweatshirt – yikes! (think floating head and hands!)

    Thanks for the prompt! I’m trying to take photos every day (another challenge) and managing 2-3 days every week… so hopefully your prompt will help me get them scrapped and recorded!

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