battling my bulge…

I know. No one ever listens when I talk about my need to lose weight. What you don’t understand or see is that my height truly does help hide it and 197.2 does not look the same on me as it does on someone who is 5’2″. However, it does not change the fact that I weighed in last Wednesday at a weight that I am not proud to say I have not been since I was 9 1/2 months preggers with either boy.

Yes. 197.2 (Thanks Weight Watchers scale… I would hate to have missed that “.2”)

This is the current state of my coffee table, thanks to Christmas and the holidays. We bought none of this. This was all gifted to us.

My plan is to first get rid of all of this. I have to. It is toooooooo tempting to keep around. Anyone interested?

I don’t have a grand plan this year to lose the weight. I just want to get started by getting rid of this ginormous stash, eating better, eating less, and actually getting off my keaster and getting back to moving…

How about you… Wanna go for a walk with me today?


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  1. hey there, met you at SPARK, in case you don’t remember me… but i was another tall gal, and no one listens to me either when i talk about weight issues… “well you’re so tall!” — again, the number speaks way too loud to me!! i’m even bigger than you are (not disclosing my weight tho, oh brave one) and i’m right there with ya, moving more, eating less. all the best to you on this journey for the year and hope it goes great for you!! and me!!

  2. Stephanie, I am with you on this. I have been going to WW for about 6 months now, but because of holidays, vacation and the weather I have missed a few weeks of meetings. I will be getting back on the wagon, or scale as it is later this week or beginning of next week, depending on the weather as it’s snowing again here and they are calling for bitter cold temps the next few days.
    I may not go for a walk with you today but I will get up and do an exercise dvd. 🙂

  3. Did some walking today, a bit chilly outside, but did make a point of hitting the gym for a pilates class! Only a suggestion mind ya, put a bug in their ear there at work and get them to sponsor a yoga class on site!! Can get the day off to a great start, or de-stress before heading home. Don’t forget the playground when weather allows, participate don’t spectate!

  4. humm, I may be tall but that doesn’t help hide my problem lol.
    I have been at WW for a year now and have lost 20kg, (about 40 pounds), I went back today after a few weeks off to find that I had gained back 2.8kg so I am back into it full swing, I hope to lose another 20kg at least this year.

  5. I am so with you on that. Went to the gym 3 times this week. the first 2 I felt terrible but today it was awesome. I just need to remember that I actually enjoy it

  6. I use for weight related stuff… food and exercise tracking and education. It really helped me! For me the education part was really helpful, my weight has always gone up and down so the educational part of it was really helpful.

  7. I can take those Dark Chocolate Kit Kats off your hands dear! 🙂

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