winner and memorable monday

I first want to announce a winner of the contest on the 2010 playlist… I have a $10 iTunes gift card for randomly drawn #9… (card reader not working to show picture of drawing… it was cute, too!)


gscrapbooks #
01.01.2010 15:41 (e)
Just wanted to share my playlist with you:
Thanks again for the great idea!

Shoot me an email and I will get you your iTunes!

Also, did you take your picture yesterday for MM?

I did! Only now my card reader is acting up and I cannot share it, so I will describe it instead…

It is a shot of my boys hanging onto me when I walk in the door with my coat still on. I took it down at the top of their heads… I will print it and make something to share tomorrow… It is one of those bittersweet moments of love and regret… But, it is the best part of my day.


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  1. I’m in my retirement and got bored with cleaning my children’s messy homes and reading books, so I decided to take on writing a book…to keep my mind stimulated, but the pounds keep coming on! I heard about the million pound food bank challenge and I think it might help me lose it if I can find someone to challenge me to a draw! The big day for the book is July 11, 2010 and I can’t show up there in my ‘bigger’ outfit….I have all sizes of course. How about it, do I have a willing challenge partner for say 20 lbs?

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