getting started with memorable mondays — 5 Comments

  1. Ok Steph, what am I doing wrong ? I see you speaking but all I can hear is music ! Is there a spot to turn the music off so I can hear you ?

    It’s Monday ! LOL

  2. well, no camera, but had I had it, I could have taken a pic of my leftover Chinese lunch in my front floorboard! How’s that for a dang MONDAY!!!!!!

    I’m loving this idea and will try to play along as much as possible.

  3. It was a good day Steph, thank you. Warrior III in yoga today, a first for me, and a huge charge when I held that pose, great way to start the week, and the year… too bad they don’t allow cameras at the gym lol. *really it’s a good thing they don’t*

  4. I should of taken a pic of my dining room table….covered in bill and receipts from the last couple of weeks ! Yikes…never let that kind of chore go for that long ever again ! Finally had to face the “music” and pay bills !

  5. Layout a day ain’t so bad! 😉 I love the memorable Monday concept. You rock!

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