happy new year

If you are like me you are thinking about the “r” word right now… resolutions.

I have always hated that word.  To be honest, anything that I have ever made as a resolution has failed.  I find I am much more of a “goal” girl.  While it is basically the same – just semantics – it seems I do better with goals.  Maybe because I like checklists and these have more of the checklist feel to me.

Anyway, I have been thinking about what my goals are for this year…  this year I have crowned to be awesome.

Some are goals.  Others are dreams.  Even still some are fantasies.  But why not write them down, right?

  • Get myself in shape and out of these stupid 17/18 sized jeans and get into something in my closet with numbers lower than those.
  • Continue to try new recipes and cook for my family.
  • Scrapbook more.
  • Cry less.
  • Actually make it onto a TV craft show of some sort demoing some amazing project I have created.
  • Take the kids to Disney World.
  • Pay off a bunch ‘o bills.
  • Sing loudly.
  • Stand up for myself louder.
  • Make waves and take a stand.
  • Learn to sew better.
  • Finally finish the last remaining 10 layouts from 2006 and 2007. 
  • Make more gifts for people.
  • Make pretty and sparkly things just because I can.
  • Live out loud.

Anyway… it’s a start.  An awesome start.  Okay 2010 – let’s get to work!


happy new year — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Stephenie –
    1) Before I forget – my 2010 song would be “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – ’cause I need a bit more fun! (ok – a lota bit more fun)
    2) I agree with the ‘goal’ thing – it’s all semantics, but it works better!
    3) Ooh sparkly things – If you hear of a jewelry class near Milwaukee, will you let us know!?
    4) If you are in 17/18 jeans, then I must be a size 17/18 TOO – and I’m not, so you are NOT! One check mark on your list!
    (I will agree with the get in shape thing though! I need to “start” – Sigh.)
    5) My favorite place for saving $ and having the best trip to Disney… MouseSavers.com
    6) Have a wonderful and joyful 2010!

  2. Stephenie, you are Awesome ! You’ve had quite a change in your life the last year or so and you are still standing !

    I don’t do resolutions…seems to set me up for failure. I do resolve to try and be a better person. Be a Blessing to everyone in my life and not a pain in the patoot ! (no matter how much they may annoy me !) LOL

    I love your list and I know you will do AWESOME !

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