day 6 {feeding america}

So today is a two-fold day…  first a project, and then a “giveaway” of sorts…

First, the project…

Saturday, I baked.  And baked.  Our favorite Christmas cookies – Swedish Dreams.  We have made them every year we have been married.  It is a family recipe from Matt’s Gram.  They are these tiny, fluffy, and sugary wonders that are absolutely amazing with hot chocolate.  Today I baked the first round of them.  Which means, subsequently, that we gave away our first round as well.  See, these are not only our family’s favorites, but the favorites of everyone we give them to.  I get multiple requests for them each year.  In fact, it is why I think that I am so popular at cookie exchanges to be honest. 

Anyway, today’s batch was good and of course had to be packaged to go out.  I feel like there is nothing easier than a bag and some fluff to make it just right.  It looks like you spent a ton of time, when really it was 3 minutes. 

A pick for 0.50, some ribbon, a button, fluff, and a doily.  Layer and done!  It looks wayyyy harder than it is, but it adds a little something to the little cookie surprise inside.

And now, today’s “giveaway.”

Today I am giving away food.  Food to Feeding America.  Today I am encouraging you to do the same.  Give – give cookies to a neighbor, to the elderly woman down the street, to your child’s teacher, or just to the food bank.  Small gifts of food can do wonders if we each were to give even one can…

So – I cam laying down a challenge – bake/cook and share with someone or make a donation today to your local food bank or Feeding America.


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a very blessed Sunday…


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  1. I do iced biscuits (cookies) just about every christmas for my family and my DH’s family. It was something that my Mum used to do for us as kids and I got that part of the tradition. My brother-in-law checks if I have them before he lets me in the door!

    🙂 Tamara

  2. Awesome idea! I will donate as well. Those cookies look delicious! How come I never experienced them??? 🙂

  3. What a wonderful thing to do ! Glad I could help and huggs to you for all you do, year-round !

  4. What a wonderful idea ! We will make goodies today to give away with such a nice thought. It allows such a special time with my daughter to bake. Thank you and I hope you reach your goal !

    Susie #6652

  5. What a great idea Stephenie. I like to give to the Food Bank too. According to the local news reports giving is down. We can all make a difference.

  6. I forgot your cookies are lovely, and what a great presentation. You talented girl!

  7. I plan on spending the afternoon baking as well!! It must be the weekend to do it.

  8. WTG Stephanie…if I was closer I’d help you carry all the groceries…LOL

  9. The cookies look so good! The grandkids had a food drive at school and daycare. They were so excited to put their cans in the BIG can.

  10. I just dropped off a bag of food last week to our food bank. My husband was just talking about cookiess last night. Sounds like it’s time to start baking.

  11. I am planning on making my Grandmothers moon cookies for my family… I can throw in an extra batch and give some away to friends and neighbors (never thought about it, but I am already elbow deep in dough why not!).

    Great thing to teach our kids…. TO GIVE!

  12. This is beautiful…they are collecting at work which makes it even easier for me. I will definitely be donating.

    Hope you get lots of comments!!

  13. You are doing such a good deed! I hope you get lots of comments!

  14. The cookies look great. I just baked a batch to take to work tomorrow. It will be a long week for us so I plan to start it out good.

  15. Steph, this is beautiful and I love the challenge. Every now and then we get a call at our shelter of people wanting to bring prepared food to our clients, and I enjoy being able to take part in that. This past Friday a local company had their Christmas dinner and had LOTS left over. Our clients really enjoyed some good ol’ chicken and dressing, red potatoes, corn and green beans-still warm at that! Oh, and a jug of sweet tea. 🙂

  16. Your cookies look great! I’m in the mood to bake now… Thank you 😉

  17. My kids schools are doing a food drive now, we sent some in this morning and will continue to do so !

  18. You know, you inspired me. I have been meaning to make a donation for a while now but just never got around to it. I will accept your challenge! Hope your weekend was great.

    By the way, the goodies look so yummy! And the packages was precious!

  19. What a kind thing to do, Stephenie. We always help Share Out Strength where my husband works by donating to the bake sale they have and the money goes to SOS. Kevin bought recently a few food items to donate to help a battered woman’s shelter in our area and Saturday I helped the local Gilda’s Club with things they were in need of. It’s great to be able to help others.

  20. I will definitely be donating to our food bank. They really helped us years ago, when we went through a rough patch. I also would like to give some type of baked goodies to neighbors, fam , and friends. I plan to bake this weekend. Tfs.

  21. Great idea, I will definitely be putting a can or two into our local collection.

  22. Made some carmels today for my brother who had surgery. They are his favorite! Would you share the recipe for the cookies you made in this post??! I’ll trade for a carmel recipe to die for or homemade fudge recipe?!

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