i am a dork

Now I totally and completely admit to being a Harry Potter geek.  Read all the books, waiting for the next movie to come out on July 15th…  will see it in imax if at all possible.  This I do not deny.

Might as well sneak this trailer while I am at it…  HP, HP2

What I do try to deny, however, is my Twilight dorkiness.  Now, I have not yet read the books, which I should.  I can easily see where the gaps are watching the movie – one of those weird quirks I guess – and need answers.  I do not, however, have time to start reading yet another series of books.  Or at least, I keep telling myself this…

So, how happy was I when I saw this????  The New Moon trailer…  seriously – I totally geeked out right now. 

Okay – me and my dorky self are getting back to work now…


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  1. I tried really hard not to read the books. Then I asked for Twilight for Christmas because I had to find out what the hype was. Ended up getting the whole series… didn’t like Twilight much, but LOVED the rest of the books. Didn’t like Twlight the movie much, but I am super excited to see New Moon. Just watched the tralier myself this morning 🙂

  2. I have the book, but haven’t read it yet. After that trailer I’ve got to get reading. I want to be caught up for this one.

  3. OMG!!! I am also a Harry Potter geek and am actually re-reading the books to prepare me for the new movie (am at The Order of the Phoenix right now) and I too am a reluctant Twilight geek!! I have read all 4 books and Am sooooooooo excited to see that New Moon trailer!!! EEEKKK I can’t wait to see it!!

  4. I was wondering when HP was coming out this summer. Thanks.

    As far as twilight, that poor girl can not act. I’ll wait for it in the Redbox at McD’s. I liked the movie ok, but I prefer HP.

    Back to work for me too.

  5. I too am a Harry Potter fan and loved the Twilight series too. It is actually a pretty quick read – and worth it. Take the dive and go for it!

  6. Total Harry Potter fangirl here – I can’t wait until the new movie comes out!!!

    ((looking forward to New Moon too – it was my favorite book of the series))

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