another crazy week ahead

Just saying that now so that when I disappear again for several days, you know why…

  • Tomorrow is Owen’s birthday party
  • Sunday – family day – unplugged.
  • Monday – Memorial Day – I leave at 7:00am to fly to Toronto for work
  • Tuesday – Thursday – I am in Toronto for a Project Orange Thumb event.  I will be educating and gardening all week.
  • Friday – back to work bright and early all day long.
  • Saturday – Cubs game
  • Sunday – family day
  • Monday… and so it goes…

So – I might not be around a whole lot – just know I have not abandoned the blog…  just running on fumes!  Have a great 3 day weekend!!!!


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  1. Ouch that is really busy. . . enjoy and have a moment of fun.

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