Yesterday I had  an amazing moment.  One of those moments where your heart swells like the Grinch’s does… one where you just stand back and smile in amazement…  one that reminded me why I was so glad to be home…  this moment, right here.


Now, it might not look like much to all of you, but it is a fairly regular occurrence – the boys wake up and come in our room in the morning for snuggle time.  Normally, I am still in there when they get up and we all pile in, laughing, talking, and just planning out our day.  Yesterday morning, however, I was up early and getting ready for work when they snuck into our room.  What is so rare, is that they all fell back asleep together – Jacob, Matt, and Owen.  All three of them like bears in for hibernation.  It was a moment, and a fleeting one at that, but a moment that made my heart swell.  It reminded me that I am thriving this year – thriving in family and in love. 

Little moments – that is what life is all about.


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  1. Adorable!

    And we have those exact same snowflake sheets! Warm and fuzzy they are!

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