son of a…

yeah…  on my way to return “Mr. Magorium’s” and to drop a box at FedEx, I was a block from home, sitting at a stop sign, patiently waiting to turn when I get slammed from behind.  Now, my neck, shoulders, and back are starting to throb. 

What a way to kick off the weekend.

I think I am probably fine…  sore, but that is to be expected…  I am just more peeved than anything…  Thanks for the good thoughts…



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  1. Oh Stephanie, I am so sorry to hear you had an accident. How awful…and you are way to start a weekend! Rest, ice, and stay loose! Of course maybe you should go in and get checked as well just to make sure.

    I hope everything is ok!


  2. Hang in there the soreness will be with you a couple of days. I’ve actually had this happen to me three time in one year. By the time the last one happened I wasn’t nice anymore. I flinch when people come up to quickly behind me now.

    I glad it was not more serious than it was.

  3. Oh Stephenie, I am so sorry to hear that. Big ‘ol bummer! I hope you feel better tomorrow and are still able to go and have fun at your crop. Take care!

  4. Oh Stephenie, I am so sorry. I tell ya, you will have muscle aches from muscles you didn’t even know you had. Tomorrow is not gonna be so fun. Sorry to say it but it is true. You best get checked out. Take care of yourself.

    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Yuck! not a fun way at all to start the weekend. Hope your soreness goes away soon.

  6. Take care and enjoy that margarita !!

    Thinking of you…always, Laura

  7. I bet you felt more sore when you woke up. I’m so sorry. I hope you found some comfort in lots of IB and heat! And that you didn’t suffer through the 12 hour crop!

  8. I hope you are okay, I would make sure before you make any insurance settlements. Cars can be fixed but you need to make sure you are fixed. I certainly hope your weekend gets better!

  9. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hopefully the kids weren’t in the car! Oh..I just hate when people aren’t so careful! It sucks! Hope you start feeling better soon!!

  10. Ouch! Best thing to do is go see the doc. I had a spasm in my neck that’s now going on week 5. Take is slow and easy, that’s my best advice.

  11. Must of the day for accidents. My close friends we’re hit from behind also (and rammed into the truck in front of them). Glad to hear you’re okay, except for the soreness. Hope you are feeling better soon. Oh, my friends and their two children are all okay, too (soreness!).
    Blessings, Rebecca

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