it's thursday…

and, I am off to Calgary…  breaking in the brand new passport!  Yippee!!!! 

I am leaving you an assignment, however, so don’t think that the teacher is away and the kid will play… well, I guess you will play, but it is structured, right? LOL!!!

Anyway…  here is your assignment:

Create a two page layout with one large photo on the left page and 4-5 smaller coordinating photos on the right.  It is fun to see how that can balance out and I can’t wait to see what you create!  Be sure to email me the link to your completed project and I will share it here!

Have a great weekend and I will check in when I get back.  I am not going to have a computer, so this is it until I return! 


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  1. Wow-I just might have a chance at this challenge since you are out of town! Miss you! Hope you’re having fun!!! Jane

  2. Okay I will try and do the email thing but not sure if I really know how. But just incase I do it wrong, it is posted on my blog.

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