planning ahead…

This is something that I am normally good at, but this last weekend, I was terrible.  Who takes pictures for only 2 or 3 layouts for a 7 hour crop??? Oh yeah, I do! 

Luckily it was one of those lazy crop days so it was okay, but I learned a valuable lesson.  Make sure that you have more than enough to work on when you leave or you might be left twiddling your thumbs!

Here is the other layout that I finished, btw…

This is the last part of that multi-layer Saturday.  Matt and I took the kids into his parents house, went out for dinner and to a hockey game.  Then, we even went out after that!  We didn’t get home until after midnight…  and the kids spent the night, so we even slept in the next day!  What a treat!  Anyway, just wanted to share.


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