we have clear pee…

Yes, I seriously typed that.  We got a call from Owen’s doctor and we are good!!!  He has to go back in a few months to rerun the tests, but…  right now a sigh of relief is filling our home.


we have clear pee… — No Comments

  1. That is great news!! When it is your kids and you don’t know what is wrong it is almost more than a parent can take. I am so happy for your family! 🙂

  2. That’s great news!!! I’ve been thinking about him and praying lots! Now, just have fun and relax…everything’s all good!!

    BTW, I got your ribbon package!! Thanks so much!! You sent a lot. I expected a small sandwich bag full, but you sent a gallon’s bag worth!!!

  3. Yeah!!! Never thought I’d be happy about pee!!! I am so very happy for you & your family!!

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