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on what is known around here as New Music Tuesday, the day new cd’s launch!  I thought that a Tuesday would be a good day to talk to you about your thoughts on music at the crop.

So, if you click ***here***, you can go take a quick survey.  This one is a bit longer than the others, but just as important.  I read and record every comment for future reference for store owners and people who set up and plan crops, to help make them be the best they can be. 

Once you are done, put in your first name and email address (you don’t have to fill out the whole form on there) and I will draw a winner when the survey closes. 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and input.  Be sure to tell others about it so that we can collect as much data as possible to share with the stores!  Thanks for your help!


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  1. Done. You picked a doozey of a topic-I have real strong feelings on the subject LOL

  2. I did the survey also, I hope you get the information you are looking for!

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