During the work week, I look forward to Fridays.  It is my day at home with the kids.  It is my day to kick-off the weekend.  It is my day to run errands, get ahead at home a little bit, and just be mom. 

During spring break…  it is different.  It is the gong, indicating that break is almost over.  A regular weekend looms in the near future and then…  MONDAY!!!  Back to the grind, back to work, back to the regular life.

In an effort to kick-off next week’s return to regular life, I am doing a 1 Week Challenge over at the Fiskateer site.  Be sure to check in everyday, starting Sunday, for the daily assignments.  There is a bit of a sneak peek over there today…

Finally, stay tuned, because, as you all know I have been spring cleaning, so you never know what else I might have found along the way…


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  1. I am so on for your challenge…I love a good challenge…and right now I can definitely use it to get me motivated and focused! Thanks Stephenie!!!

  2. Its more like pre-spring here !! We got new, heavy, wet, slushy snow today !! Looking forward to the challenge !! Thanks Steph…Have a great weekend !

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