it's thursday…


Well, it is that time of the week again!  This week’s challenge – scrap your scraps!

As I go through my stuff, spring cleaning and purging, I have found things that I forgot that I even have!  I have some really cool things that will be wonderful bits to add to a page.  So as you plan to go cropping this weekend, be sure to look for and use some of those hidden bits that you had long forgotten about and create a fun project!

Email me a picture of it by Monday morning and I might just share it here on the blog!

Happy Cropping!


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  1. I can’t believe that Spring Break is more than half way over…I feel like I have accomplished nothing 🙁 I have so many scraps…if all I do this weekend is scrap some, at least it will be something (cause I just can’t throw them away…that isn’t eco-friendly!) 😀

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