super saturday winners

Hello all!  Well, the bathroom is finally done… well, almost.  A little touch up paint work left, but otherwise, we are done!

I am heading out this afternoon to get in some cropping.  This is one of those times when I am going all by myself, with the intent of working.  Normally I go, socialize, and hang out.  Today I am on a mission and most places just have open crop tables with no official crops.  This is great when you have a pile of stuff to finish!  Of course, I will be taking snacks and talking if people are sitting by me.  If I am alone, however, I will be busting out some layouts and projects that I have due this week.

So, on to the winners!!!  Be sure to email me at with your snail mail address for me to send these out!

Maya Road 1 – Holly T. (hollybirdy)

Maya Road 2 – Bobbi in KY

Rusty Pickle – ~kathryn~

Thanks for all of the comments.  Be sure to keep checking back – you never know when I might have little of my stash to send your way!

Also, don’t forget – snack mix recipes are due by Wed. for a chance to win a snack bowl!

Talk to you all soon!!!  Hope you had a productive, croppy weekend!


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  1. Congrats ladies…good luck with getting your projects done Stephanie.

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