a quick reminder

As we kick-off the site today, I just wanted to remind you that there are only a few days left to take the Sweet Treat (chocolate included this time) survey!

Leave a comment here after you complete it, and a sweet treat might be headed your way!!!


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  1. I took the survey. Are there really treats people dont like ot have at a crop??!!

  2. I hope you will share the results. I would love to know what others like to have at a crop. I host crops regulary at my house and am at a loss what to get for snack.s

  3. I just took the survey. I agree with Tammy, are there treats people don’t like??? I still nibble on things that may not be my favorites. Put things in front of me and I’ll eat’em!

  4. Ok, I took it.

    Unfortunately, I’ll nibble on almost anything ! I like salty snacks too !!


  5. just did the survey! looks like your blog is off to a great start! =)

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