a night with patti and rick

I love nothing more than cropping with my dear friend and fellow Fiskateer, Patti Church.  Patti has been with me since I started my journey from the other side of the crop table and has been so wonderful to me through it all. 


Last night, at Card n Camera, was no exception.  Cropping there is like cropping at home (if you crop with your whole extended family and have a crop room).  Patti makes dinner (the recipe of which I will be sharing as soon as I get it…), her daughters, Caity and Hannah, hang out, her dog Lucy eats dinner out of the garbage (bad Lucy), and Rick, her husband, comes and shares stories that are often funny and a little TMI – aka – vasectomy talk…

It is, however, nights like this that remind me why I go to crops – to be among family.  Not friends, but family.  I count Patti and the rest of the croppers at CnC as my cropping family.  I can go there and just be Stephenie… not the Fiskateer, not the blogger, not a Fiskars demonstrator, not a super-scrapper (which, I am NOT)… but just be me.

I can do crappy layouts, great layouts, no layouts…  it doesn’t matter.  I can go, eat, laugh, cry, share, support, play, and be.  To me, there is no better compliment to a crop host than to tell them I feel at home.  And, with Patti, I feel at home.  Heck, normally I wear my slippers! 

So, thank you, dear friend…  I love cropping at home…

Take note store owners – this is what you want to hear… we want to be at home.  We want to wear our jammies, create, cry, laugh, be loved, and treated like your favorite sister, aunt, cousin, whatever…  we want to be a part of your family.  This is the true test of whether or not your crop rocks – what do your customers say about you?


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  1. Thank you for the lovely words that you always seem to have for me and my store. You are truely the best there is. And you are always welcome here.

  2. Yay! We love having you Stephanie! Your a lot of fun to crop with! Hopefully you’ll be joining us again!

  3. I second that! I have even driven all the way out to Card n Camera and I would do it again in a heart beat! Love Patti & Rick and love love love the croppers there! Miss you girls! Jane

  4. I love cropping at Card & Camera. There is always great creativity and fun people. PAtti goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome. The food….oh my!!! Can’t wait to see you there again Steph.

  5. Thank you for your kind words about my family. And so it is known, I did not start the vasectomy conversation, I just felt the need to contribute my small thoughts.

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