#thursdiy – fabulous fall!

It is that time of the week again – time for the #thursdiy roundup!

This week, we have a great mix of projects – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…

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The first project is mine – quick and elegant hexagon art pieces that you can use for your own decor or gifts for this holiday season.

Next we have the fabulous Margo Potter with shiny, happy hand-stamped earrings!

After that, is my recent update of a $2.99 thrifted cabinet - I love this piece so much!

Cathie Fillian shares a great pair of earrings and a necklace she and Steve made for Handmade Happy Hour.

Mark Montano does it again with fabulous decoupaged wall art!

Jaderbomb shares a fun and festive Halloween party idea

Aunt Peaches goes fall with this great upcycled leaf garland!

Cathie Attix shares cute and creative kitty ears for Halloween…

And finally, The Crafty Chica shares amazing and tasty Sugar Skull Caramel Apples!

I hope that you are inspired to create little something special and that you have an awesome Halloween!


simple and elegant hexagon art

This simple project is one of my favorites to do.  This time of year, like a lot of you I am sure, I start to think about everything from hostess gifts to teacher gifts.  It only takes a few minutes to put this easy project together, but it looks elegant and fresh.  Plus, you can easily personalize it to create a gift or to match decor.  If you are really daring, you can even use pictures to create these!  There are so many possibilities!

hexagon frame art #thursdiy

To create these simple pieces, you need the following:

  • Plain paper or cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • A frame
  • Decorative, patterned paper scraps that coordinate
  • Hexagon punches or a template and scissors
  • Adhesive – glue stick, tape runner, and/or foam dots
  • Optional – stickers

Here is the first example:

hexagon frame art #thursdiy

1.  For this one, start by tracing out the backer onto some plain cardstock and cutting it out with your scissors.

hexagon frame art #thursdiy hexagon frame art #thursdiy hexagon frame art #thursdiy

2.  Then adhere your cardstock to your backer to create the base you will build on.

3.  Now, begin to cut or punch out your hexagons from your patterned paper scraps.  I used larger hexies for this frame.  Start to lay them out and then adhere them down.  I decided to use pop dots for extra dimension, but you can just adhere them flat if you prefer.

hexagon frame art #thursdiy hexagon frame art #thursdiy

4.  Get all of your hexies adhered and then add any embellishments you would like.  I added a coordinating hexagon sticker and then another little sticker that matched the set.

hexagon frame art #thursdiy hexagon frame art #thursdiy

5.  All that is left is to put it into the frame and your are done!

hexagon frame art #thursdiy

The second example is put together just the same way.  I just used smaller hexagons and some stickers to spell out “joy.”  Additionally, this one did not use pop dots, just flat adhesive.

hexagon frame art #thursdiy

hexagon frame art #thursdiy hexagon frame art #thursdiy hexagon frame art #thursdiy hexagon frame art #thursdiy hexagon frame art #thursdiy

The configurations and ideas for this are endless – have fun and create something unique, personal, fresh, and geometric for yourself or for others – heck, it’s so easy, why not make one for you and a friend?!?!

Happy Crafting!

more fun with furniture upcycling…

On Monday last week, we talked through the basics of using chalk paint on furniture.

Today I am going to share some pics of another project that I did that was a tad more involved, but still really easy to complete.

You will want to remember the basics from the original article on how to sand, prep, etc…  All of those principals are still at play here, but I want to show you a specific technique above and beyond that, so I am going to gloss over the basics and get to the meat of the project pretty quickly.

thrift store cabinet redo upcycling furniture with chalk paint by my crafty adventures

Here’s what you need:


Here’s how you are going to put this together…

upcycling thrifted furniture using decoart chalky finish paint and wax prepping your piece furniture upcycling with decoart chalky finish paint

First you are going to want to clean up and sand your piece to prep it for painting.

decoart americana decor chalky finish paint

Grab your paint and brushes once you are ready to paint.  I initially only grabbed shades of grey and white…  then mid-project I grabbed a few other colors – teal and red.  Use the colors you are most comfortable with.

Start by painting all of the various parts of the pieces the colors you want – the top, sides, legs, etc…  Get those painted first.

Once those are done, it is time to try a new, cool technique on the doors.

I am going to show you how to do this using a piece of plywood – it will show the technique easier than the actual piece since I can use marker to help better define the lines, etc…  You just need to adjust your measurements to your individual furniture piece.

Ok – here we go!

triangle doors technique using chalk paint

First find your center line in one direction and mark it with a pencil (I used marker so it was easier to see)

triangle doors technique using chalk paint

Next find your center line going the other direction and mark it as well.

triangle doors technique using chalk paint

Now put your first piece of painter’s tape down, running along the bottom of your center line.  If you were to connect the lines with the pencil, your tape would be running right up next to, but just below it.

triangle doors technique using chalk paint

Add another piece of tape running vertically just to the left of the center line, following the same principal as the first piece of tape.

This creates the top right corner as a perfect one-fourth of your door, panel, etc…  This is where you will paint first.

triangle doors technique using chalk paint

You are going to then divide this in half diagonally, with the tape leaving the top left triangle as your perfect one-eighth of the door.

You will now paint that triangle one color and let it dry.

Once the first coat is dry, add a second if needed – do this before moving on to the next section for each color.  It is easier to do two coats now than to try and go back later to add more color in.  Trust me – I learned that the hard way!!!!

Once your triangle is dry, remove your painter’s tape from the corner to the center that created that triangle.  This will leave you with a half-painted upper right corner.

triangle doors technique using chalk paint

Now you will take a new piece of tape and favor it to the now painted side of the line, lining right up onto where the paint ends and the blank wood starts.

Paint this section and let it dry.

Once it is dry, remove your diagonal piece of tape.  Your first 1/4 of the door is now painted.

You will now remove your vertical center strip and favor it to the right side of the center line.  You will add a diagonal piece from the corner, favoring the upper 1/8th triangle on the left side, paint it, and let it dry.

triangle doors technique using chalk paint

You will continue now to paint, move the tape, and favor one side or the other of lines following this technique all the way around your piece.  Once the upper half of the door is complete, you will move your horizontal piece up above the line and repeat the process across the bottom half.

All that is left is to sand/distress any areas you want to add some texture to and seal it with your wax.

While it is time consuming, the final product is pretty darn cool…

finished doors on upcycled thrifted cabinet painted with chalk paint

finsihed cabinet

endtable6 endtable7 endtable9

finished upcycled cabinet from the thrift store redone using decoart americana decor chalky finish paints

I hope that this technique inspires you to try something new and different with your next thrifted piece!

wonderfully wicked #thursdiy

Today’s #thursdiy has 6 great projects in it – all ready for you to give a quick try this weekend!

#thursdiy with Stephenie Hamen, Cathie Attix, Margot Potter, Heather Mann, Cathie Fillian, and Mark Montano

Today’s projects are:

A Wonderfully Wicked Wreath by moi…

Fabulous Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial from Cathie Attix…

4 Adorable and Chic Masks by Margot Potter…

Fun Sugar Skull Mini Coin Purses by Heather Mann…

Trendy “EEK” Marquee Sign by Cathie Fillian…

Gorgeous Handmade Paper by Mark Montano…

Hope you are as inspired as I am to get crafty!!!!

Happy Thursday!

a halloween wreath – and the new Aleene’s Tacky Glue bottles!

Just the other day I got the best surprise – a huge box filled with the new always ready bottles from Aleene’s Tacky Glue, a sweet note, and a cookie (which is not featured in the picture because I ate it – yes, yes I did and it was good…)

Aleene's tacky glue new bottles #alwaysreadytacky

Since the team at Aleene’s was so generous to send this to me, I thought that I should promptly do a project with the glue that they sent!

First, before I start the project, however, I want to point out something huge about these bottles…  you can store them tip down so that the glue is ready and waiting for you…  how great is that?!?!?!?  Plus, the tip of the glue is already cut off for your now, so no more sticky scissors from cutting it off on your own.  I have to say, I love the new design and it was still the same great glue I already know and love…  win win!!

#alwaysreadytacky Halloween wreath dreco

Ok – now for the project…  Here’s what you are going to need:

  • grapevine wreath
  • black spray paint
  • Halloween bits – I used skulls of various sizes and some black glitter accents – spiders and some spheres
  • Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tulle and ribbon

Here’s how you put it all together:

  1.  Spray paint your wreath on both sides.  Do this in a well-ventilated area.   Halloween wreath with black paint
  2.  Once your paint is dry, gather your other supplies and start gluing!   Aleene's tacky glue #alwaysreadytacky Halloween wreath for home decor handmade DIY Aleene's tacky glue #alwaysreadytacky Halloween wreath for home decor handmade DIY Aleene's tacky glue #alwaysreadytacky Halloween wreath for home decor handmade DIY Aleene's tacky glue #alwaysreadytacky Halloween wreath for home decor handmade DIY
  3.  Once everything is securely adhered and dry, add in your tulle and ribbon.    Aleene's tacky glue #alwaysreadytacky Halloween wreath for home decor handmade DIY
  4.  Hang it anywhere you want to add a little extra Halloween flair!

Aleene's tacky glue #alwaysreadytacky Halloween wreath for home decor handmade DIY

Now, I used the Fast Grab Tacky Glue because some of the little skull beads were heavy and the fast grab adheres them into place quickly and has an extra bit of adhesion in it so they weren’t slipping and sliding on the varied texture of the grapevine wreath.

Aleene's tacky glue #alwaysreadytacky Halloween wreath for home decor handmade DIY

Overall, I have to say this was a fun project to make and I can’t wait to try out the other glue varieties in my goodie bin!

Thanks for stopping by!

(Glue provided to blogger for use.)

weekend warrior – upcycled rolling cart

Lately I have a new hobby.  On top of creating art, going to art shows, teaching classes, and everything else – I am obsessed with upcycling furniture pieces using chalk paint.

Like seriously obsessed.  It is a problem that might require some intervention at some point.

For now, however, my art booth and my home are benefiting from this addiction.

DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture

This is a very basic project – one that I would recommend to any first timers.  I wanted to share this one so that you could learn the basics of how to use chalk paint to create something “new” for your home.

I am going to share another project this week that is a bit more advanced – still easy, just a bit more time consuming – that’s all.

For this project, you need:

Now, here are the steps – I am breaking it down to the most basic form for the beginners who might need help for their first project.

  1. Clean your furniture piece.   DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture
  2. Take a course sanding block and sand down any areas that are high shine and/or covered in lacquer. The paint will stick better and last longer if you sand it down.           DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture
  3. Wipe off all of the dust with a damp paper towel.     DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture
  4. Paint your first color onto the area that you have chosen.     DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture
  5. This is where I panicked the first time – the first coat… it looks streaky and uneven and you are worried you made a mistake.  You didn’t.  Just keep going – you’ll be happy you did!                                                                DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture
  6. Add a second coat once the first coat is dry.     DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture
  7. Go in now and add your second color to the remaining areas.   DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture
  8. Allow that coat to dry and add a second coat.     DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture
  9. Once the entire piece is dry, take a fine grit sanding block and distress the edges where you want it to look worn.  A little or a lot – it is your choice.    DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture
  10. Apply dark brown creme wax (or any of the other colors of your choice – I like the brown) with a brush.  Let it sit for a second or two and then wipe it off.  Let it sit for a day or two before really putting it through it’s paces, but otherwise you’re good to go!   DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture

I am so happy with how this cart turned out!  It will be a great rolling bar, candy cart, and so much more!!!

And, it was only $10.00 at the local thrift store.  A little paint I already had, and it is brand new and ready to roll!  How great is that?!?!?!

I hope you have as much fun with your project as I had with mine.  And, more projects to come!

Happy Crafting!

DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture

DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture DecoArt Chalky Finish paint upcycled thiftshop furniture

thursday diy

I am so excited to be taking part in the #thursdiy group beginning this week!  It is a group of amazing crafters that have been sharing their work every Thursday online.  Each week the members of the group share a project that they created and then they are all put together in one post to share out with the world!

This is my first week participating and I am very excited to share this week’s roundup!

#thursdiy  thursday diy mark montano, crafty chica, margot potter, heather mann,cathie fillian, cathie attix,

There are some amazing projects featured this week and I am sure you will find something to be inspired by as you get ready to create this weekend!
Happy Crafting!!


I know it is cliche, but…

I love to decorate pumpkins for Halloween.  I always have.  It is one of the great pleasures of fall.  Nothing beats sticky, ooey, gooey hands after scooping out the insides of a pumpkin.  Threads and pulp, along with seeds stuck to your hands, under your nails.

Oh, wait, I was wrong.

There is something better.

Getting the same result using a foam pumpkin that requires no gut scooping or rotting on your front porch, then going to seed, so that you can accidentally grow pumpkins in your front yard the next year (long story…  well maybe not.  That’s pretty much the gist of it.)

Anyway, for the last few years I have done all sorts of versions of the pumpkin, so I decided to step it up and try a few more ideas.

Welcome to Pumpkins 2014!

foam pumpkins and jack o lantern projects for Halloween

I had a ton of fun creating these and hope that you like them too!

Check out the video to get the full instructions on how to create both of these pumpkins – or to at least get some additional inspiration for what you are working on.

Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting!

foam pumpkin hack o lantern using drill Hazel and Ruby stencils and paint for Halloween

foam pumkin handmade diy for Halloween using paint and washi tape and sharpie

the michaels birthday party experience

Last weekend we celebrated Jacob turning 9 with his friends with an art party – his favorite kind of party. Michaels birthday party

Instead of hosting it at our house this time, however, we decided to give the Michaels experience a try.

Here is the rundown:

  • It is $50.00 to rent the room – this includes a staff person to attend and help facilitate the craft project(s) and the space itself for 2 hours as well as invites.
  • All supplies for the crafts need to be purchased from the store – but you can use coupons (yay!)
  • You can bring in all your own food – no restrictions really here.
  • You need to have one adult for every 5 children.  We had 10 kids total, so Matt and I were it.  If we had invited 12, then another parent would have needed to stay.
  • You can decorate the room if you want, depending on their schedule for the room, timing might be an issue.


michaels arts and crafts store birthday parties for kids review and story

Our experience:

  • I worked with the store manager and came up with a plan for the projects. I went back and bought everything and they kept it in the store in a box until the day of the party.
  • The day of, there was a kids craft event until noon, so getting in early to decorate didn’t really work for us.  We brought balloons and goodie bags, along with a few other things and it worked out fine.
  • Our facilitator was not the best, but that could just be me as a crafter and teacher talking – I am not totally unbiased in how to run events like this, so take that with a grain of salt.  Having someone else there was definitely helpful.
  • The tables were covered and ready to get to work when we arrived and all of our supplies were in the room.
  • 2 hours was a bit long for two crafts, gifts, and cupcakes.  If we had ordered pizza or done more food, it probably would have been ok, but by the end they were getting a bit squirrely.
  • Since Jacob is 9, we went with painting their own canvases to start and then creating their own t-shirts.  A bit more on the messy end, but they seemed too old for some of the other project ideas.  Really think about your child and their friends and come up with something that you know they would like and then just let them go with it.  (Again, it was hard to just stand back for me, but they had a blast, so…)
  • I would advise telling parents to send smocks or to send them in old clothes – we did not and there were not smocks or anything.  One child got paint all over himself, so I was feeling bad about that.

Overall, Jacob had a wonderful time and the mess was contained somewhere else.  We were able to do the art party for minimal cost and they all had a blast.

If your child is into art, it is definitely an option that I would recommend researching for their next party!

The smile on his face at the end of the day was all that mattered to me… michaels arts and crafts store birthday parties for kids review and story Michaels birthday party 4

Michaels birthday party 3 michaels arts and crafts store birthday parties for kids review and story

Michaels birthday party 5

starting over…

So here I sit, typing away on my laptop at the local coffee shop, starting my second full week of my “new adventure.”

For those of you who have asked and wondered, it was not totally my idea to leave – I did not leave to take a new job or with a new plan in mind…  that is what makes this a true adventure – I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, where I am going, or what is going to happen next.

Here is what I do know, however:

  • The art and craft community is where my heart is and where I belong.
  • Making art, teaching, and inspiring others is where my passion lies and during those times do I feel the most alive and the most like myself…  it isn’t work.  It is sheer bliss.
  • God will not let me fall – I have faith that this is all happening for a reason and that I am meant to do something more, something better, something bigger.
  • I am terrified.
  • I am supported by a fabulous and wonderful husband, my sweet children, and all of the rest of my family and friends.  I don’t know how I will ever thank any of them or you for your support.
  • I need to get into a routine.  I need a routine – wake up at a specific time, with a task list, a schedule, and things to do.  Without that, I am floundering.  I haven’t meditated in days.  Laundry is piled up even though I am home.  I am unsure of what I am doing each day.  So, today I start with a schedule or at least defining one.
  • I will come out on the other side of this stronger, smarter, and happier.

Now, all of that said, I have ideas and plans – lots of them.  It is time to start to sort them out, figure out a plan of attack and a strategy so that I can move forward.

Today is day one – today I start over.